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OVIDE – Origin, Vegan, Innovative, Design, Elegant. Taking again the name of the Latin poet Ovide having written “the Metamorphoses”, book in which he delivers one of the first pleadings for the respect of the animal and preaching an enlightened and responsible vegetarian diet.

This inspiration from the brand name has allowed us to create a young brand in the spirit of the time, concerned with ecological and animal concerns while remaining in the fashion trends and haute couture. Our inspirations are drawn from the great creators such as Jeanne Lanvin, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli who actively participated in the liberalization of dress codes imposed on women in their time. We inspire pioneers like the latter seems to us an important issue to join the continuity of innovation of fashion.

We want to use alternative textiles to those that come from the animal, such as plant fibers such as ortis and 100% “cruelty free” leathers. We would like to limit the use of harmful chemical materials.

Quality clothing, respectful of animals and the environment, a trendy design and transparent communication to your image is the promise made by our brand!


 “Ovide’s” solution

These innovative fabrics help reduce CO2 emissions, preserve animals and also have a positive social and responsible impact on local tissue-producing populations.

These”vegan leather”, allowing people to fight against forest deforestation. The craft is done by ancestral and tree-friendly know-how also allows the reduction of greenhouse gases. These leathers are therefore 100% cruelty free and actively participate in the renewal of ecosystems.


The strength of the solution

These innovative, exclusive, ecological and responsible choices of fabrics make Ovide’s strength and purpose. The brand is part of the continuity of fashion inspired by the great classics that have forged and its necessary adaptation to current and future ecological concerns. A vegan brand environmentally friendly and trendy, a brand designed to be worn by all.