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Uganda’s bark fabric is one of the oldest materials in the history of mankind. Until the end of the 19th century, the most beautiful pieces were reserved for the Baganda royal family.

The fabric is made from the bark of “Mutuba”, a fig tree from West Africa. The bark grows back after its removal, which prevents the felling of trees, it is harvested once a year. Each piece is unique and reflects its own story.

In 2005, its handicraft production was declared a “masterpiece of the intangible heritage of humanity” by UNESCO and is, until today, the only fabric to have received, in 2008, the status of ” World Cultural Heritage “.

The importer of Barktex is behind a project to help developing countries and is now providing income to hundreds of Ugandan farmer and artisan families who are trying to preserve the land. inheritance of Barktex.

We particularly appreciate this material for its expressive characteristics and unique texture. We are honored to be the precursors to using it extensively in our ready-to-wear brand.